Monday, October 24, 2011

NOTD - Glam Gore

I've been trying to decide what I wanted to do with my nails for Halloween. I finally settled on this - for now. I was inspired by Sokolum79's Slime Nails tutorial. My hubby laughed at me that I'm such a glitter freak I used red glitter polish for the "blood". As I always say, everything's better with glitter! Even gross, gory manicures. ;D
I used a matte white duochrome that I got from MAC last spring(?) as a base and a sparkly red from Ulta. The MAC polish is not my fave as it chips like mad, but I thought in this case it might add to the effect. And I like the pink shift the duochrome gives off next to the red. Of course, it's not matte anymore after applying a top coat...
I just followed Heather's tutorial to get the effect. I love it! It even makes me feel better about having to cut my nails so short after they were ruined by Nutra Nail's Gel Perfect that I tried a few weeks ago. But that's another post....

Smile & Be Beautiful (or Gory, or Scary or Silly or WHATEVER you want to be) and have a Happy Halloween!

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