Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm back and NOTD!

Wow! Long time no blog... or video... or tweet. Sorry about that. A whole mix of things (both technical and personal) happened, including the deletion of my You Tube channel. (Yikes!!) But I hope my long hiatus is over. I'm going to be working on recreating my YouTube channel and fixing the missing links here on the blog. I'm getting back on Twitter so come follow me there if you want. And I'm also going to be working on beefing up my page on Beautylish, which is a very cool site. Check it out if you haven't yet.

I have been trying and using a lot of new products and some old favorites over the last few months and I'm really looking forward to sharing them with you! In the meantime, here's a quick Nail Of The Day.

This is two coats of Ulta's "Army of 1" topped with 1 coat of Orly's "Prisma Gloss Gold". The Ulta color is new, I believe, and it was only $2! Gotta love that! I've had the Orly FOREVER. I think they came out with it about 3 years ago. You can still get it online. It's the coolest holographic polish. The photo doesn't do it justice - plus I used only a thin coat. You can really play it up with a heavier or multiple coats if you want.