Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My First Trip(s) to LUSH

Whoa, mama! I am IN TROUBLE. As I mentioned in my last post I found my local LUSH counter/store. My makeup buying budget is going to take a serious hit as I use those funds to finance my newest obsession. I know obsession is a strong word, but I am seriously smitten with this place and it's products. I've posted a haul video on YouTube so go check it out (that is if you can handle 17 minutes of me gushing uncontrollably over this stuff. lol)

If you've seen the video here is a picture of everything I mentioned:
L to R Back : Squeaky Green shampoo bar, The Joy of Jelly shower jelly, Tea Tree Water facial toner, Hottie massage bar, Hair Doctor hair and scalp treatment,Whoosh shower jelly, Ickle Baby Bot bath bomb

L to R Front: Blue Skies and White Fluffy Clouds bubble bar, Space Girl bath bomb, Amandopondo bubble bar, Each Peach massage bar

When my eldest, Elf, and I went back we got free mini-facials that really weren't so mini! Since it was within an hour of closing mid-week we were the only ones there. Madison, the wonderfully friendly salesperson and co-worker to the equally awesome, Morgan, who hooked us up earlier in the day, took extra time and really gave us the royal treatment.

Elf enjoying Angels on Bare Skin cleanser used as a mask.
In addition to Angels on Bare Skin, I got to try Ultra Bland cream cleanser, Tea Tree Water toner, Gorgeous facial moisturizer and Enchanted Eye Cream. Told you it was the royal treatment!

Afterward my skin felt AMAZING. Soft and moisturized, but not heavy or greasy. The dry spots at the corners of my eyes felt soothed. I try  not to touch my face unless my hands are clean and I'm actually putting on products, but it was hard not to. This stuff is definitely going at the top of my post-Easter shopping list! (Maybe if I'm really good, the Easter Bunny will skip the chocolate and put some of THIS in my basket. lol)

Since I'm giving up buying makeup and beauty products during lent it seems appropriate that I found LUSH on Fat Tuesday. All I can say is that I'm glad I didn't realize it WAS Fat Tuesday or I may have brought home even MORE! It's some seriously awesome stuff.

I'd write more, but I'm off to take a bath.....

(I'm not affiliated with LUSH in any way shape or form. Swear)

Smile and be beautiful!


  1. 1) I'm so glad you guys enjoyed your facials! Enchanted Eye Cream is seriously the bomb (it's 2011--am I allowed to say something is 'the bomb'?) and Gorgeous is all that and a bag of chips (apparently I saw what I want!).

    Don't forget that feast days are exempt from fasting! Hit us up on St Patty's day, St. Joseph's day, and any sunday!


    PS post a link to this on our facebook page! Share the love!

  2. Lmao! You can say whatever you want! Heck, you could call the stuff "rad" and I would know what you meant!

    Sadly, feast days don't apply in my family. We have our own "rules". It ends on Easter, period. lol I'm starting a list though (and working on ways to justify to myself that shampoo bars and shower jellies really don't count. It's hygiene not beauty right?) ;D

    Thanks again for everything!!! We'll be back for sure! I can't wait to bring my mom the next time she comes to town!