Sunday, March 27, 2011

Guilt-Free Shopping for a Good Cause

Last week I purchased some items from Forever 21. I've never shopped there before but on that particular day I saw a tweet (yay Twitter!) that the owners were going to donate ALL of the day's online sales (not profits, but total sales)to the relief efforts in Japan. I've seen hauls from other YouTubers and knew they had cute accessories so I decided to check it out. After all, accessories almost always fit and they're not makeup (which I gave up buying - kinda - for Lent.) ;D

I ordered with about 10 minutes to spare that day (March 18th), got free shipping and received my very nicely packaged order the following Friday. The items are cute and affordable and decent quality for the price. Are they going to last me for years? Probably not. But they'll certainly last me for the season and probably beyond. The shoe sizing for the pair I bought was right on as was the belt sizing. Yes, my plus-sized beauties, there is a Forever 21+ for us! Overall, I am very impressed with the experience and will no longer be overlooking this store when I'm shopping.

Elf, my ten year-old daughter, helped me out with the haul video. We had a really good time making it but probably didn't show the items as well as we could have so I'm going to include a bunch of pictures here.

Smile & Be Beautiful!

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