Sunday, March 20, 2011

Body Image Makeover - Introduction/ Accepting Compliments

I began a new series yesterday on my YouTube channel. I think it's a really important topic. I'd love to write more about it, but at the moment I'm more comfortable just speaking about this rather than trying to write. So please check out the video if you'd like to hear more about the purpose of the series and the first step in the body image makeover - learning to accept a compliment.

After all is said and done with the introduction, the bottom line and first challenge in this series is to re-train ourselves to accept compliments graciously. Rather than rejecting someone else's admiration - that they've taken the time and effort to share with us - a simple, genuine smile and "Thank you" can make a tremendous difference in the energy around us. After the initial awkwardness has passed (no different than adopting any new habit) it feels wonderful to accept and internalize the positivity that someone has offered and it makes them feel good too!

So the next time someone says something kind to you, rather than brushing it off or diminishing it with some self-critical response, smile and thank them! It's a beautiful thing!

Smile & Be Beautiful!

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