Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LUSH's Hair Doctor - In Pictures

I visited LUSH for the first time yesterday after hearing about it from several people on YouTube. I happen to live near one of the only three in the entire state! Lucky me!!! I have SO much to say about our visits (yes, multiple. We went back later last night for more!) But for now I just want to share about the first product I tried. Not only was Morgan kind enough to give us a tour of their products (and was totally sweet and cool to my daughters), she gave me a VERY generous sample of their Hair Doctor hair and scalp treatment. My scalp tends to get very dry and itchy. Whether it's just dry scalp or true dandruff, who knows? What I do know is that I am always on the look out for ways to calm it. Dandruff/dry scalp shampoos are pretty much a no-go for me since they 1) dry my hair out badly and 2) suck the Manic Panic out of my hair faster than I can apply it. So sample in hand (along with a nice little purchased haul) this LUSH newbie went home to see what would happen.

I forgot to take a photo of the product in the jar, but let's just say it's about the color of mud and the consistency of a jello mold. Okaaaay. I'll try anything once. So, following the directions, I smeared it all over my dry hair and scalp. I then experienced the following emotions:
PANIC - Oh, crap! Did I do this right?!?!?

MISTRUST - What kind of doctor are you again??


DENIAL - No way. WTF have I done to my hair?!?!?

JOY!! Holy crap!! SO soft and NO flakes!!

SELF SATISFACTION - I'm brilliant for trying this!

Other scalp treatments I have tried have helped in one way or another. Some helped a bit with the flakes, most helped with the itching - at least temporarily. But with others, by the time I got my hair blow dried (which I try to avoid to help with the scalp dryness) there were flakes again. Most the time greatly reduced, but still there. SO frustrating!! But after a 20 minute application of Hair Doctor there were NONE! I was amazed!

So there's my first experience with a LUSH product. I'll be posting a haul video showcasing the rest of the goodies I picked up on my YouTube channel very soon so stay tuned! If you have a LUSH near you and haven't experienced it, I highly recommend that you do!

Smile and be beautiful!

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