Thursday, March 15, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish ~ First Impressions

I know. I suck at keeping up with this blog thing. I've been doing a pretty sucky job keeping up my You Tube channel too lately. Motherhood, "in-person life", etc. seem to keep getting in the way.

It doesn't stop me from *buying* new stuff quite as easily though. Lol Today I picked up a few of Revlon's new Colorstay polishes. CVS has them buy one, get one 50% of this week so I grabbed a few "spring-y" shades. On the left is "Sorbet" and on the right, "Buttercup". Both took only two coats to achieve bottle color, which I consider to be very good given that they're lighter shades. The one that REALLY impressed me (enough to make me run to the blog) was Buttercup. I loved the color in the store, but debated about purchasing it. Light shades like that are notoriously streaky and hard to worth with, but this one was a dream (at least on the swatch wheel). The brush is a medium width and slightly rounded at the tip, which was easy to work with. Not too large and the rounded end will help get a nice edge at the cuticle.

The true test, of course, will be how they apply on actual nails and, because it claims to be a "longwear nail enamel", how long it lasts before chipping. Once I get a chance to do a full mani and test it, I hope to do a review video and/or updated blog post. So far, I have high hopes for these..


  1. I couldn't get the buttercup to go on the natural nail without streaking. I really wanted it to though, I am in search of the perfect yellow

  2. That Sorbet looks phenomenal! I'll have to go look for these.